Message By Dean (Examination Affairs)

Prof RKSingh

Coordinating the examinations is one of the most salient activities of immense accountability for an educational institution. It has a huge impact on ensuring that the objectives of the teaching and learning process are ultimately achieved to the maximum extent. It involves diligent efforts in planning and organizing examinations in order to ensure that the entire process is transparent and follows a strict schedule. At Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, the Examination Division is committed to conduct this essential duty with utmost rigour and conscientiousness. The processes and procedures set up by the Examination Division reflect that the highest principles and best practices for management of examination activity have been inculcated by the University. Various examinations like Internal Mid Semester Examinations, End Semester Examinations, Entrance examinations and Recruitment tests have been successfully conducted by the University so far since its inception in 2013. In such a short span of time the University has not only organized different examinations of varying scales, but has also come up with the idea of automating the entire administration process involved in the examination system. Along with the regular activities involved in conducting the examinations and compilation of results, the Examination Division has also developed an e-Admit Card component for in-house examinations which is already being used since 2014. We are now in the process of deploying in-house developed Online Examination Portal that will ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the examination system and render convenience to all the stakeholders.

We believe in continuous development and strive to carry on the best efforts and endeavors towards the benefit of the students.

Prof. R.K.Singh 

Dean (Examination Affairs)


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