Complaint Resolution Process


Please note that the complaint related to existing computers/ printers/ UPS shall only be addressed. Requirement for the new computers/ peripherals shall be submitted to the purchase department.

Complaint Resolution process

1. Complaint for Hardware related Problems and Networking related problems should be submitted separately.

2. While describing the problem kindly put the machine ID and Room No.

3. On submitting the form, the IT Services will allocate the Complaint Number.

4. If the Machine/Equipment or part is taken for repairs by the service engineer, then Annexure -1 needs to be filled and the form must be signed by the HOD.

5. At the time of receiving the machine/Equipment or part for Repairs by Service Engineer, the service engineer must sign the form.

6. The Closure report must be submitted by the service engineer to the P&D Department.

Complaint Performa

A Complaint may be submitted in a given Performa to the office of IT Services.

Download the Complaint Form: PDF

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