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CSI IGDTUW student branch was formed in August 2008 with 120 members from Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering.


Our Faculty Advisor is Ms. Vibha, Assistant Professor, CSE, whose enthusiasm has motivated our branch to move ahead at a heady pace.

Members of CSI IGDTUW are a part of the confluence between technology and academia in every way. Through regular workshops, competitions and seminars, CSI IGDTUW has been successfully accomplishing its motto LEARN-ENVISION-INSPIRE and continues to strive towards it.

Since its formation the society has indulged in many activities from time to time. These activities include workshops and bar camps on various upcoming technologies, monthly events both formal and informal, these are attended by students of various reputed colleges across Delhi. These activities are coordinated by the elected student council under the guidance of the Branch Mentors.

Activities under CSI IGDTUW, organized in academic session 2012-2013:

  • Orientation ceremony, organized on 24th September’12, included a comprehensive presentation on CSI-IGDTUW and its activities followed by Q&A
  • Cognition’12 (CSI week)conducted from 27 Sept- 1st Oct’12 where various technical events, fun events and online events were organized.
  • Workshop on “ANIMAGIC - 3D Animation” in September, 2012
  • Mock GD - a Seminar-cum-competition in October, 2012
  • Workshop on “PYTHON PROGRAMMING” in February, 2013
  • Tremors 13.0, the Annual Technical fest of IGDTUW, 14th – 16th March, 2013
  • Cognizance, annual e-newsletter of CSI IGDTUW to be launched in April, 2013

Cognizance is a venture of CSI IGDTUW, the annual newsletter, which is being brought out for the first time. It depicts the fervor of IGDTUW students in the technical field, tracing all the activities going on, right from the previous years’ Tremors to the present year activities. Workshops, online fests and orientation reports are described in detail in this magazine.

"Tremors” is the annual technical festival of National Level, organized by CSI IGDTUW Student Branch, in March every year.

True to its name, Tremors sets a thrill across the nation and generates waves of supreme competitiveness amongst budding engineers, managers, bureaucrats and entrepreneurs It gives students a chance of learning and understanding the latest advances in technology, while putting into practice the knowledge they have acquired by education.

With an opportunity to participate in a splendid blend of potential technical, managerial, literary, adventurous, online and informal-fun events, Tremors guarantees an unparalleled learning experience.

The present student council has the following members:

Chairperson                         Shipra Jain

Vice-Chairperson                 Isha Gupta

General Secretary                Anshul Aggarwal

HR Heads                             Sakshi Goel, Deepti Gupta

Event Heads                        Sonia Suhag, Akshita Chhabra

Creative Head                     Ruchika Goel

Treasurer                             Kanika Chawla

PR Head                              Anubhuti Jain

Membership In-charge        Priyanka Sangtani

Web Masters                       Nishtha Jain, Puneet Kaur

Since its inception in 2008, CSI-IGDTUW has come a long way. The branch is active on all major social media like Google groups, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and can be contacted at:

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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