Technoliterati-The Literary Society

Technoliterati is the literary society of IGDTUW. It envisions the amalgamation of creativity and technology. It aims to break the monotony of an engineering student’s life and provide some new food for thought. This it does by encouraging students to actively take part in the various events organized by the society and writing for the college magazine Mindscapes.

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The Economics society

The Economics Society, a virtual forum to make students more comfortable with topics such as stock market, share market, bonds and debentures, was started by Shailaja Gupta, from the batch of 2009-13, ECE Department.                                                                                            

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Taarangana - The Cultural Society

The entire year students are occupied with either exams or technical events, workshops, seminars. What they need is a break from all these and this is what Taarangana(earlier Ronesans) is all about. The cultural society with Dr. Shalini Arora as the faculty advisor, has intermittently aimed at providing entertainment and a platform to the students.
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The GreenSphere society at IGDTUW came into existence with a vision to protect and conserve the environment by taking the Green route. 
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