IT Services Division


 IT Services Division is managing the IT infrastructure of IGDTUW. It involves the maintenance of Computers, Peripherals, Printers and UPS. IGDTUW Campus is recently upgraded its IT Infrastructure through high-end intelligent CISCO switches, and possesses round the clock 1 Gbps NKN leased line and a 50 Mbps MTNL leased line in a different OFC for the LAN wired & Wi-Fi connectivity for the academic, administrative and hostel blocks of the campus, with internet facilities on all the nodes through 10 Gbps LAN optical fiber connectivity. Around 550 Computers, 85 Printers etc are connected with Local area network which is being managed and maintained by Planning and Development Division.

 IGDTUW campus is a fully Wi-Fi campus, all areas of campus are covered with Outdoor and Indoor wireless access points which are working 24x7 for providing seamless wireless internet connectivity to users through Security Firewall with authentication of every user in campus.


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Maintenance of Computers, Printers, LCD Projectors and UPS
  • Maintenance of Web Server, DNS Server, DHCP Server, Biometric Server etc.
  • Development & Maintenance of Website
  • Email Services
  • Antivirus Services
  • Management & Maintenance of LAN, Wireless & Internet services
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